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17 February 2009 @ 01:56 am
Hi! I was wondering if anyone has heard of or read an old DieXShinya fic called Inertia. I'm not sure what the writer's LJ name is~ either Xiao Hong or pistolkiss, maybe something else. I found Inertia by accident, in a separate blog of her own where the writer posted it, but it's not finished! *wail* I really like it, and I was hoping someone has read it and maybe the author posted the rest of the chapters in an LJ comm? I tried joing DieXShinya LJ comm, but i haven't been accepted yet. So if anyone could give me some hope, I'd very much appreciate it :) Thanks! 
15 January 2009 @ 08:18 pm
Shinya post

I did a massive Shinya pispam at my journal a while ago so if you're so inclined, head over there to refresh your stock. I have tons more at home that will come in a future post. They are pics gathered from all around the net, livejournal included and if they seem similar or you think they belong to you and don't want them posted, let me know. Thank you regardless. :)

enjoy the Shinya love and thank you to everyone scanning, loving, making videos, writing, sharing and spreading the love :D

20 November 2008 @ 01:10 am

Title: Nuzzle
Author: iced_eowyn

Band/Artists: Dir en grey
Pairing: Die/Shinya
Theme: 1st in Theme set III

Genre: angstuff. I think I am falling in love with this word.
Rating: PG.  I used  “ass”




Come in and follow...Collapse )

20 November 2008 @ 01:09 am

It's the time of the year again - time for dxs_love's December challenge, Winter Sonata. Winter Sonata is one of the community's three annual challenges, centering around the pairing of DiexShinya and this time also Die's birthday. What is there to do is simple: there are four weeks with their own themes each (graphics & fan-art; prompts; Die's birthday; Christmas & New Year, in this order) and the participants have a week time to write, draw or be creative in some other way or form, and then naturally post the results of their creativity to the community. Within the limits of the challenges (which you'll see when visiting their individual entries) you are free to do practically anything you feel like to celebrate the wonderful pairing of DiexShinya (or ShinyaxDie, in case you're picky that way ;D) and to share your works with fellow DxS fans.

So please, do join us if you got at least a bit interested in our little challenge. :D Even if you won't have time to participate, it's always nice to see what others have come up with and give them some comments, right? ^^
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16 November 2008 @ 01:45 am


I decided to test my skills and write a collection of shorter stories that could be considered as one-shots but I’d more like to see them melting one into another.


When browsing through shinya_love community I discovered this theme sets table. I know it’s about 2 years old, but it doesn’t disturb me. I could not find out if anybody claimed this set I am ready to claim as mine. If yes, tell me and we can do something about it.


Maybe one last question for daishimel: is it actually possible to claim them so late? I’d like that, anyway.


































09 June 2008 @ 07:28 pm

Ever felt like wanting to write HakueixRuki? MiyavixBou, perhaps? Or maybe YoshikixZero, or some other random jpairing? (Random = a pairing outside of a certain band; a crack pairing; cross-over)

If so, visit random_jpairing. No matter what your random pairing of choice is, we've got a spot for it there. :D (We've also got plenty of challenges for you to participate in if you need something to help you to write.)
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13 March 2008 @ 02:09 pm
Title : S
Author : Myue
Genre : General,humor.
Disclaimer : Nope.
Rating : PG-13
Pairings : DieXShinya
Sypnosis : A story of baby Dir en Grey.
When baby Shinya birthday came,what would baby Die gave to
Comments : This is my first fic and kinda weird--;
Thanks a lot to Sei-Chan for being my beta-reader^.^

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28 February 2008 @ 02:33 am
Just to remind you, there is still some time to participate in the new challenge for Shinya's birthday! ^^
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Aw. People. I'm disappointed in you now lol. (Remember the winter challenge? Yes, the one you participated. The one that had its deadline more than a month ago. The one that got nothing posted. Yes, that one.) But as I am stubborn as hell and do not want this community to die (do you, hm?) I will try again. Since Shinya's birthday is coming, and all.

Here's the deal. (copied from the last challenge because I think the idea is nice)

1. You comment to this post
2. I give you a word, a sentence or something like that
3. You choose a Shinya pairing you wish to use and write a little fic of what you got
4. You post your result to the community

You have time to leave a comment until the 29th of February and to post your fics until the 9th of March. A fic must have at least 100 words and include Shinya's birthday in some way or form (you can only mention it once in your fic, that counts as well) but otherwise you're free to do what you wish. Interpret your theme any way you like, use any genre and rating you feel like, and so on. Fics can be anything from drabbles to one-shots to multi-chaptered ones.

If you have any questions, ask and I'll be happy to answer. ^^
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18 December 2007 @ 09:54 pm
Remember the Christmas/winter challenge? You still have time to participate in it! ^^
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