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For the love of Shinya

A Shinya pairing community

Terachi Shinya
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Terachi Shinya & writing

Welcome to the writing challenge community dedicated solely to Shinya, the beautiful (yet sometimes manly as well ^.~) drummer of Dir en grey. There are never enough fics about Shinya, I say. ^.^

The main idea of this thing is to claim a Shinya pairing and write 15 fics with the said pairing. Simple enough? Thought so.


Time to get specific. Fear not, though, I won't get carried away with all this. Except that perhaps a little. But that can be forgiven, right? ^.^

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1. Be nice. No pairing bashing or being rude towards other members or something like that. You know what I mean, I trust.
2. Use English in your comments. Mostly at least.
3. Don't delete or disable comments.
4. You can join the community just to read the fics. I'm not expecting everyone to write them though hoping that as many of you as possible does.

And comment, at least once in a while. That should not be too much to ask, right? Because that's why we are posting our fics to the community, to get comments and/or constructive criticism. ^^

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Like I said before, this is a community dedicated to Shinya. Meaning that every pairing you may want to claim has to have Shinya as the other person. The other person on the other hand can be anyone you like as long as the said person is... well, a person. xD No original characters though, but otherwise anything's possible.

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~ Both yaoi and het are allowed. It's only a question of which one you want to choose.
~ It does not have to be romantic love even though there's the word pairing. They can be just good friends who care about each other, if you wish. In other words, non-yaoi is allowed as well.
~ Any genre you wish to use is possible and encouraged, even.
~ Same goes to the ratings. Just remember to warn the readers if your fic's rating is NC-17. Some of us might not want to read it.
~ I have no problem with you writing about death and the like as long as you remember to warn people about it. And use the lj-cut.
~ You can write both one-shots and multichaptered fics, but if you write a multichaptered fic remember that one theme=one chapter.
~ A fic should have minimum 100 words. There's no maximum for the words though, you can write as long fics as you like.

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You can have two claims at the same time. Naturally both of them involve Shinya but the other person can be who ever you like. You want to claim, say, ShinyaxKaoru? And ShinyaxKyo? Go ahead. ^.^ But you can't claim ShinyaxKaoru twice at that time even though we have four different theme sets. That would be rather boring, don't you think? And a bit unfair for the other people who might want to claim ShinyaxKaoru too.
Though, you can claim the same pairing again after finishing your own claim (providing that someone else who has the same pairing as you has finished her/his claim as well) if you wish, but you have to use different theme set than the first time you claimed the said pairing.

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Yes, you can claim a threesome if you like. A foursome/fivesome/so on, rather not. But if you insist and are sure that you can make it work, well I guess I can't say no to that. But remember to ask about that first, okay?

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We have four different theme sets. Which basically means that the same pairing can be claimed four times, once with every theme set without the need to wait that the first claimer has finished her/his own theme set. And you don't have to write the themes in order, as you probably already guessed. Let the inspiration lead your way and start with any theme you like.

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Special theme sets are theme sets mostly for both
~ those who don't want to write 15 fics but still wish to participate and
~ those whose desired pairing has already been claimed four times.
Though, these theme sets are extra theme sets and open for everyone despite their earlier claims. Meaning that even though you might have already claimed your two pairings you are still free to claim a pairing or two here as well. And the pairing you claim here can be the same that you already have if you wish, I have nothing against that.

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Use the posting format presented below. Thank you. ^.^

In your subject line, include at least title, your claim and the number of theme set and the theme.

Title (the name of your fic)
Chapters (if it's one-shot or a multichaptered fic)
Author (your name, obviously)
Claim (the pairing you claimed)
Theme (the number of the themes and the theme set)
Pairing(s) (the pairings that appear in your fic)
Rating (the rating, just as obviously ^^)
Genre (what ever suits your fic)
Warnings (if your fic has something you suspect some of us would not want to read this is the place you warn about it)
Summary (a short summary of your fic, a sentence from it or something like that)
Comments (if you have something else you'd like the readers to know)

You need to use either the lj-cut or a link to your own journal/where ever you have posted your fic.

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1. Read the rules and such.
2. Check the claims list and make your claim.
3. Choose a theme set.
4. Wait for me to confirm your claim.
5. Start writing.

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I'd love you to write at least once in a month but being a slow writer myself I know it's usually never possible. So, how about once in two months, then? That'd sound more reasonable. Though you're not getting killed or anything if you fail to do so. However if you haven't posted anything for your claim in four months you need to give me a reason for that. Otherwise you might lose your claim.

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You're finished or want to drop your claim? Comment here. Then your pairing will become free to be claimed again.

If you have a question to ask, a proposal to make about the community or something to say to me, use the Shout-Out Entry or e-mail me at daishimel@gmail.com.

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Contact me at daishimel@gmail.com or use the Shout-Out Entry.